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Taxation in Norway
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Taxation in Norway

Personal Taxation


All persons domiciled or permanently resident in Norway are subject to Norwegian income tax on their worldwide income, although certain exemptions apply for foreign oil-industry workers. A person becomes permanently resident in Norway if present in Norway for a period exceeding 183 days during any 12-month period or if the stay exceeds 270 days during any 36-month period. Individuals do not become resident during the first calendar year if the stay in Norway that year is less than 183 days.

Non-residents are taxed on income received from real and personal property in Norway and on directors’ fees from Norwegian corporations. In addition, income from personal services carried out through private or public employment in Norway by non-residents temporarily present in Norway, including persons sent to Norway by employment agencies, are taxable. However, an applicable tax treaty can limit Norway’s right to tax.

Taxable Income and Rates

Individuals pay national and municipal taxes. The rates and brackets are adjusted annually by the Norwegian parliament. A combined municipal and national tax of 28% applies on net income, except in Finnmark and Nord-Troms, where the combined rate is 24.5%. (Except for Finnmark and Nord-Troms, the national tax rate is 11.8% and the municipal tax rate the remainder.) To encourage residence in Finnmark and Nord-Troms, taxpayers in these areas are entitled to special deductions of NOK 15,000 for single taxpayers and NOK 30,000 for married taxpayers filing joint tax returns.

A marginal national tax of 9% (often referred to as “top tax”) applies on the portion of personal income between NOK 394,000 and NOK 750,000 for all taxpayers. A 12% marginal tax applies on the portion of personal income exceeding NOK 750,000 for all taxpayers. The two-tier marginal tax system for single and married taxpayers has been abolished.

“Personal income” is gross income from employment, compensation for work performed by partners in partnerships and an adjusted net profit earned by self-employed individuals.

The employee contribution to Norwegian social security is 7.8% of personal gross income and 10.7% of self-
employment income, as well as compensation earned by partners in partnerships, except in farming, forestry and fishing, where it is 7.8%. (Pension and medical insurance are included in the social security tax.)

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